Storage system for sheet metal

TowerMat TM-RT4.2

INTERTEX sheet metal store by TRUMPF laser. The company GEDA places its trust in INTERTEX once again. A long goods store had already been delivered to them in 2008. This time, a dynamic sheet metal store was integrated directly into production. A laser system by the company TRUMPF is connected right next to the store.

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Machine Type TowerMat TM-RT4.2
Storage Type Sheet Metal
Controller Vorwahlsteuerung INT-DSC 1
Capacity 91 Carrier Type
Total Payload 273.000 kg
H 6.150 mm
W 9.870 mm
D 6.130 mm

Carrier 1

Carrier Type Cassettes
Amount 91
Payload 3.000 kg
H 90 mm
W 3.100 mm
D 1.600 mm