Storage system for long goods

TowerMat TM-FE4.2

A manufacturer of industrial roller conveyors in Arkansas, USA now stores their raw material in an INTERTEX TowerMat storage system. Equipped with four storage towers, two storage and retrieval machines and a transfer cart, it provides the space required. One of the two carts can be loaded with the built-in gantry crane, and the other with a lifting station and forklift truck.    

Machine Type TowerMat
Storage Type Long Goods
Controller Vorwahlsteuerung INT-TC7.1
Capacity 51 Carrier Type
Total Payload 71.400 kg
H 5.615 mm
W 9.000 mm
D 8.850 mm

Carrier 1

Carrier Type System cassettes
Amount 51
Payload 1.400 kg
H 255 mm
W 8.100 mm
D 800 mm