Storage system for long goods

TowerMat TM-EE1.2

Single-tower long goods store: This single tower serves as a long goods store and provides space for 20 long goods cassettes. A special feature is the second output point. A cart transports the cassettes requested to the loading/unloading position. A further TowerMat TM-UE 8.3 type storage system was delivered to this customer at the same time.

Machine Type TowerMat TM-EE1.2
Storage Type Long Goods
Controller INT-TC 7.1 Vorwahlsteuerung
Capacity 20 Carrier Type
Total Payload 30.000 kg
H 6.131 mm
W 7.805 mm
D 4.890 mm

Carrier 1

Carrier Type System cassettes
Amount 20
Payload 1.500 kg
H 150 mm
W 6.300 mm
D 830 mm