Storage system for long goods

TowerMat TM-UE18.3

This roll-over store was optimally integrated into the hall available. Furthermore, the bridge section permits the utilization of the existing tower. A further special feature - along with the load capacity of almost 500 tonnes - is the shared lifting station integrated into the serving cart. This allows shorter pieces to be lifted without taking the rest of the cassette up with it.

Machine Type TowerMat TM-UE18.3
Storage Type Long Goods
Controller Siemens S7
Capacity 158 Carrier Type
Total Payload 474.000 kg
H 5.970 mm
W 9.010 mm
D 32.650 mm

Carrier 1

Carrier Type Carrying set
Amount 158
Payload 3.000 kg
H 350 mm
W 6.500 mm
D 730 mm