Storage system for plastic profiles in XXL construction


An INTERTEX TowerMat cassette storage system for profiles was delivered to the company Stegherr Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Bavaria in 2013.


In the first stage of construction, the system was fitted with a total of 30 storage towers and a capacity of 388 system cassettes.


In 2015 and thanks to the modular design of the system, it was extended by a further 28 towers. The total capacity is now for 752 cassettes.


With a load capacity of 1500 kg per cassette, the system provides storage space for up to 1,128,000 kg.


The special designs of the loading carts make the system perfect. The cassette selected by bar code through the LVS is automatically transported onto the loading cart. The cassettes can then be taken to each respective workstation.


The scope of delivery included around 100 loading carts which guarantee transport inside the plant.

Machine Type TowerMat
Storage Type Long Goods
Controller Vorwahlsteuerung INT-DSC 1
Capacity 752 Carrier Type
Total Payload 1.128.000 kg
H 9.180 mm
W 8.700 mm
D 70.500 mm

Carrier 1

Carrier Type System cassettes
Amount 752
Payload 1.500 kg
H 400 mm
W 6.300 mm
D 630 mm