Carousel for long goods

InterMat IM-VOB4.3

An InterMat carousel with a total of 3 serving positions was installed for a manufacturer of plastic windows and roller blinds. Profiles are stored in the customer’s exchangeable cassettes. The special feature of the system is that cassettes can be deposited at one serving position for a longer dwell time. This allows work to continue at the other two serving positions.

Machine Type InterMat
Storage Type Long Goods
Controller pre-selector control INT-MP-A
Capacity 41 Carrier Type
Total Payload 41.000 kg
H 7.820 mm
W 7.700 mm
D 13.200 mm


Carrier Type Carriers
Amount 41
Payload 1.000 kg
H 700 mm
W 6.720 mm
D 720 mm