Carousel for ceramic workpiece carrier

INTERTEX Tool store- EuroMat EM-75-300-355-8-340-SON

A storage tower, serving as a cooling tower, was designed for a ceramics manufacturer. A robot system takes the workpiece carriers straight off the production line and loads the carousel with millimetric precision in a fully automated manner. The workpiece carriers and taken out on the opposite side.

Machine Type EuroMat EM-75-300-355-8-340-SON
Storage Type Tools
Controller Customer’s controller
Capacity 24 Carrier Type
Total Payload 1.200 kg
H 2.200 mm
W 990 mm
D 1.100 mm


Carrier Type Carrying units
Amount 24
Payload 50 kg
H 106 mm
W 360 mm
D 340 mm