Storage system for tools

TowerMat TM-FE2.1

A total of 6 TowerMat TM-FE 2.1 cassette storage systems store plastic injection molding tools, with a total weight of up to 1,050,000 kg.

The storage systems have an overall height of 12m, or 9m working height.

The 35 cassettes per system can store tools, with different usable heights of up to 950 mm.

Machine Type TowerMat
Storage Type Tools
Controller pre-selector control INT-DSC 1
Capacity 35 Carrier Type
Total Payload 175.000 kg
H 12.250 mm
W 4.740 mm
D 3.400 mm


Carrier Type System-cassettes
Amount 35
Payload 5.000 kg
H 950 mm
W 3.500 mm
D 800 mm