Tempered carousel for bonded shapes

INTERTEX Tool store - EuroMat EM-75-300-406-14-500

INTERTEX created a carousel as a hot tower for bonded shapes for an aircraft cabin manufacturer. This hot tower serves as temporary storage and carries out tempering, during which a temperature of up to 100°C can be reached. In this way and thanks to 14 perforated carrier units with a carrying capacity of 150 kg each, a total of 28 bonded shapes are heated, dried and temporarily stored. Together with a SIEMENS-SPS controller, this tower carries out storage to the most modern level with high requirements. INTERTEX - We store it!

Machine Type EuroMat EM-75-300-406-14-500
Storage Type Tools
Controller SIEMENS-SPS S7
Capacity 14 Carrier Type
Total Payload 2.100 kg
H 3.700 mm
W 3.350 mm
D 1.450 mm


Carrier Type Carrying sets
Amount 14
Payload 150 kg
H 350 mm
W 2.700 mm
D 500 mm