Storage system for tools

TowerMat TM-FE2.1

1.8 billion items made of plastic and zinc are produced by the Paul Henke Group in Löhne, Germany. More than 7.000 tons of plastic are processed to items for the furniture industry every Year. Pedestal foot systems with a production number of 55 million peaces per year are the main product.

Over 3.000 injection molding tools have to be stored for a smooth production and have to be at the hand at any time. 100 new ones are added every year. The weight of a single tool is from 50kg to 1,5 tons.

Long distances  and heavy equipment were required to get the right tool from the warehouse for a change in production in past. The decision to build a new handling system was made in 2013. 3 „TowerMat“ storage systems from INTERTEX were installed. The towers were built 24m in height on a base of only 55sqm. Today, the towers are the landscape and eyecatcher of the Paul Henke Group, dressed in their corporate design.

It´s not just the sight that is impressive. A cassette storage system with 525sqm of storage space was created on that small space. The storage lifts include 61 cassettes per tower, with a payload of 5 tons each cassette and a total payload of 915 tons allover!

Machine Type TowerMat
Storage Type Tools
Controller pre-selector control INT-DSC 1
Capacity 61 Carrier Type
Total Payload 305.000 kg
H 20.465 mm
W 5.400 mm
D 3.400 mm


Carrier Type System cassettes
Amount 61
Payload 5.000 kg
H 730 mm
W 3.500 mm
D 800 mm