Carousel for bobbin storage

InterMat IM-VO2.1

Another successful project between Kardex (Switzerland) and Intertex: we supplied 2 identical carousels for the storage of cable reels to an enterprise in French-speaking Switzerland. Each carousel has 28 carrier sets, and each carrier set provides storage space for 25 “bobbins”. This gives a total storage capacity of 1400 “bobbins” for the two units.                              The 2 storage systems are situated outdoors right in front of the hall. Two transparent roller doors in front of the loading stations, controlled by our pre-selector control, serve firstly as trap guards when the machine is running, while also offering protection from the wind and cold.


Machine Type InterMat IM-VO2.1
Storage Type Cable Reels
Controller pre-selector control INT-DSC 1
Capacity 28 Carrier Type
Total Payload 45.500 kg
H 12.145 mm
W 5.600 mm
D 5.653 mm


Carrier Type Carriers
Amount 28
Payload 1.625 kg
H 1.000 mm
W 4.250 mm
D 1.000 mm