Carousel for wheel sets

INTERTEX Tire store - InterMat IM-HO6.1

Through our partner Kardex we supplied a Belgian car dealer with 2 identical carousels for the storage of passenger car tires and passenger car wheel sets. The paternoster is horizontally managed and has a depth of almost 20 meters. The system provides over 1300 linear meters’ storage space in total.

Machine Type InterMat IM-HO6.1
Storage Type Tires
Controller pre-selector control INT-DSC 1
Capacity 110 Carrier Type
Total Payload 66.000 kg
H 6.040 mm
W 7.200 mm
D 19.255 mm


Carrier Type Carriers
Amount 110
Payload 600 kg
H 700 mm
W 6.000 mm
D 700 mm