Industrial paternoster for Cylinders

INTERTEX Cylinder store - InterMat IM-VO12.1

In cooperation with our representative in the USA, a vertical carousel with 12 slings and total of 143 carrier units for cylinder storage was delivered to a reputable leading chemical company. The retrieval point on this dynamic storage system is positioned one floor above the vertical carousel for logistical reasons.


Machine Type InterMat
Storage Type Cylinders
Controller pre-selector control INT-DSC 1
Capacity 143 Carrier Type
Total Payload 37.650 kg
H 6.500 mm
W 3.790 mm
D 16.105 mm


Carrier Type Carrires
Amount 105
Payload 250 kg
H 500 mm


Carrier Type Carrires
Amount 38
Payload 300 kg
H 700 mm