Storage system for parcels

TowerMat TM-FE2.2

Long distances, heavy parcels and limited hall and storage space caused problems at Schedler Transport & Logistics in past. The cumbersome and time-consuming order picking had a negative effect on to the route planning.

In 2020 we were able to solve these problems by installing 4 INTERTEX TowerMat storage lifts. The fully automated storage systems are almost 17m hight and create a storage area of 3,087qm on a floor space of just 160qm. All parcels are digitally recorded, listed on a project- and customer-related basis and buffered in the storage systems, regarding the stored tour plans.  Software specially programmed by INTERTEX is the interface to the in-house logistics and tour-planning software. To make handling easier for employees, a vacuum suction cup from Schmalz was also installed. This relieves the pickers and the quantity increases to more than 400 parcels per day.

More about this project in the video.

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Machine Type TowerMat
Storage Type Miscellaneous
Controller TC7.1 + Customer Software
Capacity 74 Carrier Type
Total Payload 74.000 kg
H 16.605 mm
W 9.759 mm
D 5.180 mm

Carrier 1

Carrier Type System cassettes
Amount 74
Payload 1.000 kg
H 300 mm
W 8.000 mm
D 1.340 mm