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The INTERTEX EuroMat storage carousel

Part to person in a clean room application

Time-consuming searches are a thing of the past with EuroMat. The required goods are delivered directly to where they are needed. Safely and reliably, thanks to the logical use of the latest technology. The unique double-chain system with eightfold suspension gives EuroMat vertical carousels their unrivalled smoothness with virtually no tilting or lateral deviation. With the dual motor drive system, the vertical carousels can be designed for a maximum load imbalance capability of 100%. This enables you to store and retrieve as you like, without having to concern yourself with unbalanced loading of the chain strands. Various carrier configurations and 100% extendable drawers are available in numerous variants. The right solution for every application.

Capacity: 13 carriers
Total live load: 2,496 kg (5,502 lb)
Carousel dimensions: L 2.28 m (89.8 in), H 2.90 m (9 ft 6 in), D 1.75 m (68.9 in)
Carrier dimensions: L 1.53 m (53.2 in), H 0.05 m (2 in), D 0.67 m (26.4 in)
Machine type: EM-70-250-304-13-650
Controller: Pre-selector control

Capacity: 22 carriers
Total live load: 10,340 kg (22,795 lb)
Carousel dimensions: L 4.25 m (13 ft 11 in), H 3.74 m (12 ft 4 in), D 1.85 m (72.8 in)
Carrier dimensions: L 3.40 m (11 ft 2 in), H 0.30 m (11.8 in), D 0.65 m (25.6 in)
Machine type: EM-120-500-254-22-650
Controller: Pre-selector control


The INTERTEX EuroMat - Automation

Unmanned: State-of-the-art robotic integration

When enormous volumes of picks / puts are needed, human error can be minimized and often eliminated through use of robots. Combining the precision and customization of the EuroMat with today‘s robotic manipulators brings tremendous throughput and accuracy gains. Numerous control / software options exist, including being networked with your WMS.

Capacity: 20 carriers
Total live load: 2,600 kg (5,732 lb)
Carousel dimensions: L 2.75 m (9 ft), H 5.60 m (18 ft 5 in), D 2.60 m (8 ft 6 in)
Carrier dimensions: L 2.10 m (82.7in), H 0.36 m (14.2 in), D 1.08 m (42.5 in)
Machine type: EM-75-500-406-20-1080
Controller: ERP interface

Capacity: 28 carriers
Total live load: 1,400 kg (3,086 lb)br> Carousel dimensions: L 1.70 m (66.9 in), H 3.27 m (10 ft 8 in), D 1.80 m (70.9 in)
Carrier dimensions: L 1.20 m (47.2 in), H 0.20 m (7.9 in), D 0.20 m (7.9 in)
Machine type: EM-35-100-247-28-200
Controller: ERP interface


INTERTEX EuroMat - Options

Optional add-ons for your storage carousel

There is always a solution. Generally, taking an unconventional approach makes it possible to identify the right customer-specific answer for your question. The EuroMat is designed for flexible use, also offering the option of achieving objectives via special solutions.

Ex-proof version / exhausting

Explosion proof versions, exhausting with storage of ABC protection suits. EuroMat‘s unique suspension system allows more customized applications.

Fireproof storage of sleeves

Using special coverings, it was possible to achieve fire protection class F-120 for this EuroMat carousel


Drawers with telescopic runners and 100% pull-out capability. Available in a variety of widths, depths, heights and working weights.

Hardening furnace

Thanks to the special finish, the goods can be heated to 240°C.

Controller: ERP interface

This customer had a confined space available and Intertex met the challenge. Only 1 meter wide by 9 meters tall (39 in. by 29.5 feet), this system also was networked with their ERP system.

Combination of manual and automatic

Machines can be fully automated for loading / unloading – or switched back for manual loading / unloading.

Automatic loading

With the right control and a network interface, fully unmanned automation is possible. Again showing off customization unavailable anywhere else, these carriers are 1400 mm deep! (approx. 55 inches!)