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INTERTEX horizontal carousel - The MobilMat

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The MobilMat horizontal carousel is a dynamic storage system which allows the ‘goods-to-person’ principle to be realized using horizontal revolving carriers. Horizontal carousels are used to store goods, pallet boxes, etc. on revolving carriers and make them available in the extraction area. Individual carousel storage systems are installed in directly adjacent rows without aisle spaces and thus without loss of space. They represent a cost-saving, high-performance retrieval system for simultaneous picking and storage. The operator has parallel access to multiple stacker units in the extraction area.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Storage based on the paternoster principle
  • Ideal ‘goods-to-person’ principle
  • Horizontally revolving carriers
  • High-performance retrieval system for simultaneous picking and storing
  • Manufactured to customer specifications

The INTERTEX MobilMat horizontal carousel can be used, among other things, to store pallet boxes, cable drums and small components

Horizontal carousel for storage of small components (closed).

Small components storage using the INTERTEX MobilMat horizontal carousel (open).

case studies

The INTERTEX MobilMat - Case studies

Our realized projects

Everyone has different requirements. Which is why we offer an extensive portfolio of dynamic storage systems which are tailor-made to customer specifications. To provide you with an insight into our capabilities as storage specialists, the selected case studies below describe applications which use our lifts, handling systems, storage carousels, paternosters and other storage systems.

The INTERTEX MobilMat is a high-performance retrieval system which can be used for simultaneous picking and storage

This horizontal carousel is located directly adjacent to the assembly workstations for pneumatic valves. Assembly workers can access specific boxes using a foot switch. The carriers can be tilted to allow a better view into the boxes.