Throwback Time

History of the INTERTEX company

INTERTEX is an acronym of the words international and textile. Not necessarily obvious, but the roots of the company are in the area of textile floor coverings and carpets. 

Welcome to the late 60s. Carpets are bought from interior decorators and department stores. Hardware stores as we know them today do not exist yet. 
The company Fritz Heer GmbH sells carpets and recognizes the problem of storing and handling the bulky and heavy rolls on the sales floor. To make work and storage easier for customers, chain-driven storage systems are developed and built. The idea caught on and the demand for the vertical carousel, based on the paternoster-principle, was so big that the company INTERTEX was founded in 1969. 

While sales and distribution focused on Germany and central Europa in the 1970s, more than 5.000 carousels were sold to America in the 1980s. This made the company to one of the most important container shippers in Baden Württemberg at the time. 

INTERTEX has nothing to do with carpets anymore - it´s just the name the reminds the origin. In addition to the paternoster, the portfolio today offers a wide variety of automated storage and handling systems. These include some in-house developments such as the TowerMat or the PickMat. 
The basis values have remaind: Making it easier for the customers to store and handle, to simplify storage processes and to develop individually suitable system solutions. 

INTERTEX Team early 80s

INTERTEX storage system 70s

INTERTEX storage system 70s

INTERTEX storage system 70s

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