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The INTERTEX Automated Systems - The PickMat

Automated laser processing

Runs almost automatically: Raw material from the tower is provided automatically. The re-storage of cut metal plates into the tower works just as simply and automatically. Of course, one goes easy on resources: the re-use of residual metal plates is possible. Reduction of the loading and unloading time of the laser leads to an increase in productivity. It is easy on the material and this is moved safely.

Advantages at a glance:

  • As a stand-alone solution
  • In combination with TowerMat storage system
  • Interface for the most commonly used laser manufacturers
  • Customer-specific layout
  • Short loading cycles
  • Optimum material supply

automated systems

The INTERTEX PickMat - Automated Systems

Can do a lot: the PickMat-3015

Where do we start? With the vacuum unit to receive the raw material? Or with the screening system with whose help the raw material is placed on the shuttle table of the laser and picked up again with the cut plates to then be placed on the Double-Material Trolley (D-MTT)? That a material thickness of up to 25 mm is possible? It is convincing that an interaction by the warehouse is not absolutely necessary with the Double-Material Trolley. Use the PickMat-3015 as stand-alone solution or otherwise with link to the warehouse. In this case you can link several laser systems or D-MTTs. You can process metal plate formats of 3 x 1,5 m, 2,5 x 1,25 m and 2 x 1 m. Residual material storage and provision is a major subject for us.

Screening system

The support bars or the optional belt system take care of a low-scratch handling which is gentle on the material.


With two trolleys: the upper is for cut metal plate. The lower for raw material. This means that a fast change can be guaranteed. An interaction with the warehouse is therefore not absolutely necessary.

Vacuum unit

Consists of 20 suction plates and six independent pneumatic circuits. In the case of non-occupancy, it switches off automatically. Including double plate control. The wave function allows a process-reliable separation for thin metal sheets.



Just leave it to us.

The Intertex-Software INT-WM can take over the function of the Line Controller. It then controls the complete process and coordinates the interaction of warehouse, PickMat and laser. By the way, lasers from the most popular manufacturers can be integrated.

This software makes management of the existing job list and planning of new cutting jobs, including the nesting programme, simple. The optional selection features (priority, raw material, output station, pallet type) facilitate customer-friendly processes.

In addition to this, you will always have an overview of your current raw material stocks and how many steel plates have been cut.