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INTERTEX roll carousels - The TeboMat

Practical presentation

You will almost certainly have seen our TeboMat Vertical Carousels in a DIY or furniture store near you, as most of the branches worldwide rely on our solution. The TeboMat is unrivalled when it comes to storing carpet, PVC, pool liner and fabric rolls as well as other materials off-the-roll. The advantage: Maximum use is made of the room height with a minimum footprint, and the system offers the highest ease of operation. When the customer has been presented with the desired production, it can be simply unrolled, measured, cut to length and packed. Our TeboMat Vertical Carousels offer maximum flexibility, as they are based on the modular principle. You choose the width, we adapt the height to the height of the room accordingly. There are generally no limits to your wishes, but without forgetting the strict safety regulations – they are naturally observed worldwide.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Storage based on the paternoster principle
  • For the storage of carpet, PVC, pond liner and fabric rolls, etc.
  • Optimum use of space available
  • Manufactured to customer specifications

The INTERTEX TeboMat - Options

Optional extensions for the TeboMat

Expand your storage.

Loading cart

The rolls can be safely and conveniently stored using the loading cart.

CutoMat cutting machine

Unrolling, measuring and cutting – all the components for order picking are perfectly integrated here. The machine can be free-moving, rail-mounted or additionally supplied with a power conductor rail. The width can be adapted completely to your requirements.


Galvanized vertical carousels are well suited to outdoor environments, in the Garden Center for example.